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Frequently Asked Questions.

There's no such thing as a silly question in our book!

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  • Can you customise HUB's branding?
    Yes, the branding of your intranet is fully customisable on HUB. HUB allows you to create unlimited Themes that allow you to customise: Logos Background image Colour palettes Fonts. Creating a new Theme is super easy, and should take you less than 5 minutes, and you can apply different Themes to different users, pages or entire communities, to give your intranet character and make your HUB feel like home.
  • How user-friendly is HUB's software platform?
    Very. HUB's intranet platform is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. HUB has been specifically built with non-techies in mind. You don't need coding knowledge - HUB is a no-code intranet. Our goal is to provide a seamless and efficient experience for all our customers. We also provide comprehensive user documentation and responsive customer support to address any questions or issues that may arise.
  • Can you personalise the content and user experience?
    Absolutely! HUB features intelligent Tags and Page Visibility Settings which make it simple to personalise the user experience and deliver different content to different users. HUB's Multi-Site feature also enables you to easily create entirely separate intranet environments inside your one HUB, each with their own bespoke branding, nav menu, content and users - perfect for different brands, or even as an onboarding environment!
  • Can we personalise internal comms to different users?
    Absolutely! All communications sent from your HUB are automatically personalised to each user, meaning your users only receive internal communications about content that's relevant to them. All personalisation within your HUB is powered by intelligent keyword Tags which are associated with your content and user profiles. This makes it simple for HUB to match the right content to the right users, and automatically personalise your internal comms and User Alerts.
  • What messaging features does HUB have?
    In one word - LOTS! Nightly User Alerts: Personalised automated alerts which sends notification emails to users about new content added to The Hub. User can set their alter preferences to receive emails about topics they're interested in, plus set company-wide / group-wide mandatory alerts, so users always receive email alerts about important company announcements. On-Screen Notifications: Allows you to display a site-wide message at the top of your Hub for all users or a specific selection of users to see, i.e. office Christmas closure details. Push Notifications: Send out alert notifications to users' mobiles to ensure they always get your alerts on-the-go. Broadcast Email: Send an external email / newsletter from your Hub to all or a specific subset of your intranet users. These emails come with a custom header/footer image of your choosing. Group Forums & Chat: Create private, open or hidden group spaces, which have dedicated resources specifically for that group. Group Chat allows members to start chat threads and share messages. Group Email allows the Group Owner to broadcast an email to all or a selection of Group Members. 1-2-1 Direct Messaging: Users with the messaging permissions can send direct messages to one another within their Hub InMail Boxes.
  • Can you create internal email newsletters?
    Yes. HUB has a dedicated Email Broadcasting feature which makes it super easy to send bulk email comms to all or a filtered portion of your Hub users. Upload email template designs: Create custom header/footer images, allowing you to tailor your Hub's comms. Preview and send test emails: Check to see what your email will look like in your inbox before sending to your mailing list. Send on behalf of another Hub user: Allowing your marketing team to broadcast company comms on behalf of i.e. your CEO. Save and reuse emails: Save time on email creation by reusing and editing saved previously sent emails.
  • What GDPR features does HUB have?
    Custom Data Privacy Policy: Customise the privacy notice users must accept when they first login. Personal Data Report: Enables your Hub Admins to run a report on all data stored on the system for an individual user; i.e. contact information, Hub messages/chats, Form data submitted, etc. End-users are able to run a report on themselves to see what data is stored on them. 'Anonymise This Account' feature: Enables your Hub Admins to scramble inactive user profile information and permanently delete the user data. Customisable User Data Storage: The Hub stores inactive user data in perpetuity by default, but you can customise a timeframe period after which inactive user data is anonymised and deleted; i.e. 1 year. More on GDPR Features
  • Are there any add-on feature costs?
    No. There are no add-on or hidden costs to access any functionality on your HUB. Just one annual license fee which gives you complete access to every feature, integration, system setting and management report. Your annual license fee includes automatic upgrades to the latest features whenever we roll out a new release of HUB, giving you full access to all future new or enhanced feature or integration we release.
  • Do I have to download / install version upgrades?
    Nope! There are no annoying downloads or installations to unlock new functionality. We automatically upgrade you to the latest version of HUB whenever a new enhancement is ready, enabling you to access every new feature and integration we've developed - completely free of charge, without logging out or having to download. We are continuously enhancing your HUB's capabilities. We believe everyone should benefit from every new enhancement we develop, helping to make your Hub more effective and responsive to your needs.
  • How can I track engagement on my HUB?
    There are over 20 Usage & Engagement Reports on your HUB, which provide you all the data and insights you need to track the success of your intranet. All reports are filterable by date, office, keyword tags, as well as specific individual users/groups, etc. Some of the key engagement reports include: Usage Report: Shows the total number of daily Logins and Views. User Activity Report: Shows the activity of every user on your Hub, including how many logins, how many views and date they were last active. This report can be sorted to display your most / least active users. You can also click the Number of Views for a specific user to see what content they have viewed, how frequently, and when. Content Report: Shows the most / least viewed content on your Hub, based on content-type (i..e news, resources, events etc). You can filter down within each content-type to see the specific content / pages that received the most/least views and who by. Search Report: Shows the terms being searched for by users, how frequently they are searched for, and whether any results were found. (Handy for figuring out if content is hard to find, or what content you should be adding that users clearly want to find).
  • Is it easy to see what content people are viewing?
    Yes - every page has a Views Report, enabling you to see who's viewed the page, how many times and on what dates.
  • Can I upload files and documents to the HUB?
    Of course! HUB accepts all normal formats of file, including PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG etc. Files can be attached to pages and you can link to files stored within your HUB, and all files are full searchable within HUB Search. You can also connect your cloud drive to store files and folders from GDrive, MS Sharepoint, or BOX.
  • Does HUB have version control?
    Absolutely. All files have a full audit history of versions, and you can easily rollback to a previous version at the click of a button. Every HUB page has a full audit trail of changes. You can turn on full version control easily, which will enable you to save pages as drafts, send for approval, publish and track changes, and roll back to earlier page versions.
  • Is there an approvals process for publishing content?
    Yes - Every news article must go through an approval process before it can be published. All news articles have a workflow, with designated Owners, Approvers and Editors: Editors can only draft news content, and must request approval from an Owner or Approver to publish content. Owners and Approvers can accept or reject the drafts created by Editors, and send comments on each draft version. Once approved, the Editor can publish the content.
  • Can we content mandatory to read?
    Yes - Every page comes with a Must Read feature which you can turn on/off for mandatory content. You can make Must Read content mandatory reading for all your users, or just a select group. User receive an Instant Alert notifying them of the Must Read, and will have to press the 'Click to Confirm' button on the relevant page. Outstanding users receive a daily reminder until have clicked the 'confirm' button on the relevant page, and your admins can view a report of everyone that has / hasn't read the content, and send emails to those outstanding.
  • Is there a data limit for storing content?
    Nope! HUB provides you with unlimited data storage 😁
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