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Full Features List.

Get the complete functionality lowdown on HUB.

From employee engagement and communication, to digital workspace and knowledge management, we've listed it all.

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Every feature as standard.

You deserve the best of everything.  Which is why every HUB comes with every feature and integration as standard - PLUS - automatic upgrades for life.

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Employee Engagement Features:

intranet features, intranet polls
Instant Polls
employee intranet news, employee communications
Employee Stories
intranet image galleries, intranet features
Image Galleries
intranet features list, intranet surveys, intranet pulse surveys
Pulse Surveys
employee engagement features
Likes & Comments
intranet videos, intranet video store
Video Manager
intranet features, intranet suggestions box, gather employee opinions
Suggestions Box
intranet events, intranet event features, intranet events calendar
intranet alerts, intranet user alerts, intranet notifications, push notifications,
User Alerts
carousel icon.jpg
Homepage Carousels

Employee Experience Features:

intranet personsalisation, intranet experience, intranet employee experience, intranet user personalisation, personlise intranet content
Personalised Content
intranet bookmarks, intranet favourites
My Favourites
intranet homepages, intranet homepage experiences
Custom Homepages
intranet features, peer recognition, intranet kudos, intranet employee recognition
Employee Recognition
intranet status updates, employee status updates
Status Updates
intranet features
Employee Milestones
intranet tags, smart intranet tags
Smart Tags
intranet onboarding, intranet employee onboarding, employee onboarding experience
Onboarding Hub
intranet branding, custom intranet branding
Bespoke Branding

Communication & Collaboration Features:

intranet news, intranet news categories, intranet news articles
News Articles
intranet task management
intranet comments, intranet messaging
intranet alerts, intranet user alerts
Instant Alerts
intranet notifications
Onscreen Notifications
intranet messaging, intranet emails, intranet email messaging
Email Broadcasts
intranet mandatory content, intranet must reads, intranet compliance
Must Reads
intranet homepage, intranet dashboard, intranet activity feed
Activity Feed
intranet messaging, intranet comms features
Direct Messaging
intranet groups, intranet forums
Group Forums
intranet directory, intranet people directory, intranet contacts directory, intranet employee directory
People Directory
intranet integrations, intranet slack integration, intranet chat integrations, intranet ms teams
Chat Integrations

Knowledge Management Features:

intranet pages, intranet knowledge management, knowledge base features
Unlimited Pages
intranet forms, intranet form builder
Form Builder
intranet content ownership
Content Ownership
intranet office management
intranet search, intranet federated search
Federated Search
intranet tests, intranet assessments, intranet e-learning features
intranet image management features
Image Manager
intranet job vacancies, intranet internal vacancies
intranet version control
Version Control
intranet documents, document storage, intranet file sharing
Document Sharing
intranet employee profiles
Employee Profiles
intranet faqs, intranet faq features, intranet accordion menus
Accordion FAQs
intranet workflows, intranet approvals process
Approval Workflows
intranet org charts, intranet organograms
Team Organograms

Digital Workplace Features:

no code intranet
No Code Solution
intranet sso, intranet with sso
Single Sign-On
intranet links, intranet digital workplace, intranet integrations
Quick Links
digital workplace features
Embed Feeds
intranet cms, intranet cms editor, intranet wysiwyg
Easy CMS Editor
intranet 2fa, intranet multi factor authentication
2 Factor Authentication
intranet environments
Multi-Site Environments
feature rich intranet
3 Click Methodology
intranet content templates
Content Templates
intranet navigation
Custom Navigation
intranet permissions, intranet user permissions, manage intranet user permissions
User Permissions
intranet mobile, intranet mobile responsive, intranet app
Mobile Responsive
cloud intranet features, intranet cloud drives
Connect Cloud Drives
intranet workflows
Smart Workflows
intranet user data,
Auto-Sync New Users

Analytics & Insights Features:

intranet reports, intranet usage reports
22 Management Reports
intranet restrictions
IP Restrictions
intranet gdpr features, intranet data protection
GDPR Reporting
intranet data protection
Data Protection Policy
intranet audit trail,
Full Audit History
intranet users, intranet user data, intranet fetaures
Manage User Data
intranet features
Viewing Restrictions
intranet analytics
Anonymise User Data

Usage & Engagement Reports:

intranet alerts, intranet user alerts, intranet reports
Alerts Report
intranet reports
Expiring Soon Report
imtranet reports, intranet features, intranet usage
Messages Report
intranet engagement
Profile Update Report
audit icon pink.jpg
Search Report
intranet engagement reports
User Edits Report
intranet reports
Comments Report
intrnaet logins, intranet reports
Logins Report
intranet engagement report
Must Reads Report
intranet reports
Public Pages Report
intranet features, intranet reporting features
Tag Usage Report
track intranet engagement
User Penetration Report
intranet content, intranet reports
Content Report
intranet user imports
Imports Report
intranet content reports
Orphaned Content
intranet features, intranet reports
Redundant Content 
intranet usage reports
Usage Report
intranet content management, intranet content review, intranet content expiry
Expired Content Report
intranet engagement features
Like & Comments Report
intranet sar, intranet gdpr
Personal Data Report
sitemap icon.jpg
Resources Sitemap
intranet engagement reports, intranet engagement features, track intranet engagement
User Activity Report

HUB Integration Features:

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Enjoy every great intranet feature as standard with HUB.

Say hello to the intranet that gives you more, so you can do more.
Loved by companies large and small, all around the world.

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