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Boosting Employee Engagement Using Your Company Intranet

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Ensuring your employees are engaged in the workplace and with your company comms is key if you want to maintain and increase productivity within your organization. When it comes to boosting workforce engagement, Company Intranets provide you with a powerful tool for improving collaboration and communication between employees, departments and offices, resulting in employees who are more engaged with not only the company’s comms and their work, but also more engaged with each other. The byproduct of this boost in employee engagement can be an increase in morale and higher employee retention.

Right from involvement in decision-making processes to having a two-way communication with management and their colleagues, employees need to feel valued and to know that their voice is being heard, that’s why a company intranet can help ensure every employee truly feels part of your organization. As a result, many organizations are focusing on increasing their investment in collaboration technologies to boost internal communications amongst employees.

The useful social tools that a company Intranet provides have been proven to boost employee engagement and increase productivity by up to 25%.

Still considering whether an intranet could help your business? We’ve listed our top three opportunities that really highlight how a company intranet can benefit your business and boost employee engagement successfully.

1. Benefits of Personalized News Feeds Why do you think social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have gained immense popularity over the years? With over 1.55 billion active users on Facebook and over 305 million active users for Twitter, they have been able to capture, and more importantly retain the attention of their audience through the use of customized personal news feeds. These personalized feeds showcase targeted information that matches the specific interests of each individual user, ensuring high engagement rates.

Engaging your employees using an intranet platform like the Hub that embraces social tools, helps to ensure your company is keeping in touch with modern communication methods and allows you to deliver more personalized communications to your employees. Social Company Intranets enable you to share daily news feeds and integrate activity streams that are completely tailored to the different departments, roles or offices within your organization, allow you to customize the homepages to only display the most relevant and engaging content for those individuals. By having customized homepages that serve each user the most relevant news to them, you encourage more active engagement and make them feel like the company intranet is tuned to their needs to make them feel more valued in the organization. Always ensure that there is ample opportunity for the employees to contribute to the content as well and keep the content engaging by combining graphics and photos to make it more visually appealing.

2. Provide Opportunities for Employee Participation Invite your employees to participate in comms activities right from the initial launch of your intranet is a really great idea, creating corporate strategies and laying out a clear vision across the different levels within your organization of how everyone envisages the intranet to be used. By having their personal involvement from the very beginning, you are more likely to capture their attention and drive continued engagement. Allow your employees to take part in Intranet surveys and quizzes to get their views and opinions on core topics of interest, as well as having more sophisticated company conversations around CEO blogs, discussion forums, video messages and wikis. It’s crucial that the employees are involved in a two-way communication process, where the company and the top-level executives are also engaged, listening to and responding to employee communications.

3. Encourage, Motivate and Celebrate Your Employees Use your company Intranet as a platform to celebrate moments of success and achievement from your employees is a fantastic way to acknowledge their efforts and ensures active engagement from other users as they use the intranet’s social tools to Like and Comment on the news story. By praising and sharing employee success stories with other staff members it ensures they feel more valued as individuals who are actively contributing in shaping the future of the organization.

Recognizing employee efforts could be as simple as achieving a sales target or attaining a specific milestone on a project. Dedicate specific pages on the Intranet for such achievers and use personalized content so that other team members can see and follow the news stories. Recognition provides an incentive to high performing employees and ensures they always contribute their best to the welfare of the organization and promotes continued engagement from your employees.


Discover how a Social Company Intranet can help boost your employee engagement.

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