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Hello EMEA! Hub Receives Global Recognition as a 'High Performer' Intranet.

Hub's presence has been growing globally, and that growth has been recognised by peer-review tech site G2, who have awarded Hub 26 new 'High Performer' badges in their Regional Reports spanning UK, Europe and, for the first time - EMEA.

Overall, Hub received a staggering 37 badges in G2's latest Fall Reports 2023, achieving 'High Performer' status as a top Employee Intranet, Employee Comms, Employee Engagement and Knowledge Management solutions.

Hub Breaks Into EMEA Marketplace

The Hub is all about bring people together, whether they are hybrid working, in a different office, or even a different country. We're all about creating a connected company culture, with our customers using their Hubs to great success in 48+ countries and over 197 geolocations worldwide, deliver their employees a better workplace experience - including those working in EMEA.

We might be a UK-based company, but our customers are using their Hubs in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and beyond. We're delighted that those far-flung customers have left such wonderful reviews of their Hub experience, that G2 has now recognised Hub as a High Performer solution in the EMEA marketplace.

g2 regional high performer badges

Top Ranking Intranet for SMEs

Hub has established itself as a true leader within the Mid-Market / SME marketplace, and continues to make strides within the regional markets as a top-tier intranet.

G2's 2023 Fall Reports see Hub move up the rankings to be classed as the #1 Employee Intranet for Mid-Market organisations in UK, as well as a Top #3 Intranet UK-wide. Our European rankings also improved, now ranking as the #4 Employee Intranet in Europe, as well as ranking #4 for Employee Comms in Mid-Market EMEA.

intranet leader 2023

Keeping Up The Momentum

We're also proud that for the second quarter in a row, Hub has maintained its status as a G2 'Momentum Leader', sitting in the top trending 25% of Employee Intranet solutions on the market today.

best intranet support

Outstanding Service

Plus, Hub is still recognised as having the 'Best Support' globally for a Knowledge Management solution, with 100% customer satisfaction rating for our Quality of Support.

All this, thanks to our amazing customers...

Thank you as always to our wonderful customers, who have gone out of their way to leave us the wonderful reviews which have enabled us to achieve this level of industry recognition.


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