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Boom! Hub is Officially a Top 3 Best Intranet!


Once again, the Hub climbs the ranks of the intranet marketplace, to firmly establish itself as a leading employee intranet solution, with Hub achieving the rank of #3 best intranet in the UK!

In the latest G2 Winter Reports, the Hub has achieved not 1, not 2, but 9 'High Performer' badges, spanning the Employee Intranet, Employee Communications and Employee Engagement solutions. These Winter Reports see Hub move up the rankings in the Employee Intranet marketplace, thanks to the amazing satisfaction ratings provided by our wonderful customers. Hub fought off the competition to become a:

  • Top 3 UK Intranet.

  • Top 6 European Intranet.

  • Top 10 Intranet for SMEs worldwide.


Hub's Intranet Recognised for its Employee Engagement

For the first time on G2, we also broke new ground in the Employee Engagement sector, achieving new regional badges in UK and Europe. As the Hub expands it's reach around the globe and more organisations start using the Hub, we're super happy to achieve High Performer status for the Hub across UK and Europe for its Employee Engagement capabilities.

What is G2 and Why Does it Matter?

G2 is the world's leading tech marketplace that uses peer-reviews from real software users to provide an independent analysis of today's software solutions. By using satisfaction ratings from genuine customers, G2 is able to provide a more accurate, peer-based marketplace of today's technology, unlike other sites which use biddable positions where companies pay to rank their solution higher. G2's peer-review reports give other businesses searching for new software the confidence to know they can find the best solutions out there, with genuine reviews from real customers to help back-up those satisfaction ratings, giving them a real insight into what its like to use the software.

Hub's Intranet Features Get #1 Status

On top of the 9 High Performer badges, we are thrilled to see the Hub's intranet features also stand out in the industry reports, as customers rated Hub as having some of the best employee intranet and communications features on the market, including:

  • Best for Search

  • Best for File Sharing

  • Best for Version Control

  • Best for User Permission Management

and the one we're most chuffed about...

  • Best on Price!

That's right - Hub was officially rated as having the best priced employee intranet and communications platform on the market!

award winning intranet

Our Customers Made This Possible.

They Think We're Awesome, And The Feelings Mutual!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to our wonderful customers, who gave the Hub 's features such high satisfaction ratings, and praised the service of our team, who always go above and beyond to help our customers deliver the best intranet for their business.

Just some of the amazing feedback we received:


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