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Great Intranet Integrations That Help Boost Internal Comms

Employee communication can have a drastic impact on the bottom line of every company. The Society For Human Resource Management (SCHRM) has found that most businesses are losing hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars every year because of poor company communication methods, resulting in a loss of productivity and overall efficiency within organisations.

Part of this is due to an antiquated view of internal comms, where management meetings and company-wide email broadcasts are the only way organisations communicate with their employees. For the younger generation of Millennial employees, who are so used to connecting and communicating instant with other people, and expect quick, easy access to information via apps, the ‘traditional’ method of company comms is not only unappealing, it is also ineffective, unengaging and uninformative.

Thankfully, many organisations are starting to embrace a more forward thinking type of company communications. Social intranet software is a move away from traditional internal comms software, and embraces the type of communications many of us have come to expect - namely the ability to work flexibly and communicate instantly, whether that’s through the social intranet’s own software of through third-party app integrations.

Intranet integrations can make a huge difference to your social intranet software, allowing you to foster better communication, improving collaboration and increase productivity by giving your employees to incorporate all of their third-party systems and comms within one digital workplace.

Let’s take a close look at the different types of third party apps you might want to consider integrating into your company’s intranet to help your business achieve greater results.

How To Use Third-Party Apps To Create A Connected Digital Workspace

1. Embrace Fun, Collaborative Apps for Morale Boosting Comms One of the key advantages of using third party apps with your Intranet systems in the workplace is to break down the traditional top-down flow of information. Using a communication app, it’s possible to ensure that information is shared across all levels in a quick and effective manner. For example, as well as your standard intranet comms, third party apps like Slack can be integrated into the system effectively, allowing employees to improve collaboration while promoting better, faster individual and company-wide communications. The great thing about Slack is how similar it is to other smart messaging apps, like Whatsapp, providing employees with a comms platform that delivers slick, modern communications with GIFs, videos and Emojis, all of which appeal to the Millennial generation, helping your organisation to deliver engaging, morale boosting communications.

2. Better Working Environments with Reward & Recognition Apps Perkbox is yet another revolutionary app which can be used to create an inspiring, motivated and rewarding workplace for your employees. This third-party app offers incentivised reward features and encourages a culture of recognition amongst employees. By integrating with a gamification app like Perkbox which provides rewards and benefits to your employees, your organisation creates a better employee value proposition by building a happier, more rewarding working environment where staff feel valued, thus reducing staff turnover. Similarly, Bonusly may be used to provide reminders and notifications to employees to remind them to recognize their co-workers regularly and boost their participation in the process.

3. More Efficient Support Apps That Encourage Performance Feedback The ability to manage employee support issues is a huge challenge for most enterprises and third-party apps such as Zendesk or Jira can enable employees to be more efficient and effective at managing these issues. As helpdesk software, both Zendesk and Jira help in simplifying both customer support ticketing and task management processes for enterprise organisations. These apps, especially Zendesk, allow of personalised communications with the employees and customers, allowing employees to gain personal feedback and performance scores on how well they deal with support tickets. This can help with employee development and any praised received via support tickets is an additional morale boost for employees.

Social Intranets with enterprise integrations can help transform modern organizations into effective digital workspaces. By integrating your intranet system with third party apps, you provide your employees with communication tools that encourage better collaboration and create a more efficient, rewarding working environment. Most organisations are looking to improve their internal communications software with modern technologies to meet the increasing demands of a diverse and dispersed workforce, which is becoming more common today in this competitive business environment. By embracing third party integrations on your intranet system, your organisation can boost communication and create an inspired workforce to boost high productivity levels among your employees.


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