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PRESS RELEASE: New Report Shows Over 60% of Business Leaders Prioritising Team Engagement in 2024

employee engagement report

A new industry report released by leading intranet provider HUB reveals that 63% of business leaders’ are prioritising team engagement in 2024 due to the challenges of post-COVID working practices. 

The published 20 page report called ‘Brave New World of Work & Comms’, provides a range of insights on where businesses find themselves 2 years on from COVID. 

remote working and employee engagement report

Just 8% of desk based professionals in the office 5 days a week.

80% of businesses surveyed in the report confirm that staff working practices have permanently changed since COVID in favour of more Work From Home (WFH), with just 8% of desk based professionals required to attend the office 5 days a week.

Simon Fenn, Director at HUB, says:

“It’s a seismic shift, a revolution. While the surface analysis is that things are pretty good and companies have done well to adapt, scratch deeper and you can see red flags emerging for business leaders.”

Over half of business leaders voicing concerns about collaboration.

Continues Fenn,

“Clearly WFH has had productivity and work-life balance benefits for many desk-based professions, but these upsides are coming at the expense of team connection and innovation and this is combining with internal efficiency issues that have dogged corporates for years.”

The Brave New World report indicates that over half of business leaders are now voicing concerns about internal collaboration with operational innovation also an issue for some.

On top of this, there are worries about team connection, colleagues’ sense of belonging and personal development - 40% cite challenges with the latter. 

Team engagement and collaboration the top priorities for 2024.

Says Fenn,

“Two years on from COVID, it looks like the boardroom view on remote working has evolved, and continues to evolve. There’s definitely an awareness of the cultural and operational downsides of WFH and the negative commercial implications of these if not addressed. Action is required, and many leaders seem to be mobilising. It’s why we see team engagement and better collaboration as the top priorities in 2024.”

Evidence of changes in communications

The Brave New World report indicates that new communications channels have been embraced and established tools reimagined. It identifies a 23% uplift in social platform usage since COVID with intranets also experiencing a resurgence - over 60% of businesses are planning high to medium use of intranets in 2024, up 17% from pre-COVID times.” 

Concludes Fenn,

“The uptick in intranet usage ties in with our experience as an intranet provider; we’ve seen a trebling in demand for our HUB product over the past 4 years.”


Brave New World of Work & Comms Report
Published by HUB, March 2024

A 20-page analysis of how employees and businesses are coping with post-COVID working practices and the latest trends in team comms and engagement. 

remote working and employee engagement report
Download your free copy of the full report here:



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HUB is a market-leading intranet solution ranked top 3 in the UK and top 10 internationally by software review site G2. The platform has multiple industry awards including Best Customer Service 2024 by Gartner’s Software Advice review platform. HUB supports SMEs and Enterprises in over 50 countries globally and is on a mission to help businesses of all sizes unlock the full potential of their people and resources through improved access to modern intranet technology. HUB prides itself on speed of set-up, best-in-market service and an all-inclusive licensing model underpinned with peace of mind information security credentials (ISO 27001). 

Leading the green agenda

HUB is the first and only sustainability driven intranet vendor, utilising low carbon servers and supporting community-based reforestation projects.  HUB plants 50 trees every time a new client joins the platform, and a further tree every year they remain with the platform. Trees are planted in partnership with reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, with a focus on supporting communities directly impacted by climate-change.

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