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Creating Better Workplace Experiences With HR Technology

better digital workplace experiences with hr intranet

In order to remain competitive in today's ever-evolving business landscape, company leaders must develop systems and select tools that can accommodate their current and future digital workplace needs. According to recent research, a striking 86% of executives and employees agree that inefficient collaboration and communication are the most common factors behind failures in the workplace [Pumble].

To stay ahead of the digital workplace, your company needs adaptive solutions: finding new ways to improve productivity, and create effective working environments. By doing so, you can maintain your competitive edge while continuing to expand.

Organizations with collaborative multinational workforces—as well as those looking to expand globally in the near future—should think about deploying an integrated tech stack that will propel their productivity, efficiency, resilience, and engagement. The right business expansion tools can help future-proof your internal processes and set your business up for long-term success.

How HR Tech Can Steer Digital Workplace Success

hr digital workplace

The workplace is like a ship: it needs to be steered in the right direction and have the right crew on board if it's going to reach its destination successfully. HR or people-focused technologies can help alleviate some of the burden created by the complexity of remote or hybrid working, by offering you solutions and tools to keep your people on track for success wherever they are. Automation and digitization are both key positive efficiencies gained by adopting HR tech successfully in you workplace, and they've become the go-to for managing employee data more effectively, providing faster access to resources and services, and generally improving the workplace experience for everyone.

Studies found that a whopping 73% of HR's time is taken up by monotonous admin tasks [Zavvy] - so what if we introduced smart technologies and automations to help make HR (and the workplace as a whole) more efficient? Companies that adopted smart digital technology and started to automate certain processes, reported a 90% time saving, with things like employee onboarding becoming 67% faster thanks to automated processes in a digital workplace.

Smart HR technologies, like Hub, further aid employees by increasing engagement and improving communication with one-another in a unified platform. These solutions contain collaboration tools, project management services and performance tracking capabilities. With increased efficiency and scalability, adoption of HR-focused techs and automated processes enables your organization to quickly adapt and enable your team to work more efficiently, whilst staying true to your core values and company culture.

Primary Challenges For Fast-Growing Organizations

As the labor force continues to evolve, companies experiencing rapid growth must stay on top of their game. It's essential for organizations to ensure they have systems, tools and software in place that can keep up with the rapidly changing needs of their workforce. This means investing in suitable technologies, cloud-based solutions (to cater for hybrid working), and other cutting-edge tools that will enable you to operate more efficiently and effectively as a digital workplace.

Moreover, it's essential for companies to be able to scale quickly when necessary, so they can accommodate a surge of customers, data and employees without compromising security or performance. With this in mind, you should pay special attention to the security of your data and make sure you're using modern tech solutions - not only as an added layer of protection against cyber intrusions but also as a form of contingency plan in case of outages or technical issues.

hub hr intranet digital workplace

For fast-growing SME & Enterprise organizations, especially those based on business acquisitions, The Hub provides the perfect solution to an ever-evolving workplace and ever-increasing technology-set. Hub provides one central place for all your people, resources and technology to connect, so your teams can access the information they need quickly and easily, from anywhere, on any device. lets you do remote collaboration and communication easier. Providing everything companies need to stay ahead in today's ever-evolving workforce - including social intranets, private channels, expert advice exchanges, polls, tags and more - it also provides invaluable insight into data protection.

Breaking Down Barriers To Forge Connected Workplaces

connected digital workplace

Organizations understand how tearing down those walls and encouraging collaboration between departments, business partners, and employees is integral for a successful work experience. So why are teams still having trouble breaking silos between teams? Why is it so hard to craft an atmosphere where everyone can trust each other and work together? Studies show that over half of jobs necessitate teamwork but only 48% of workers believe collaboration is necessary in their job roles [Zippia].

It's clear there's a disconnect, but employers still have a responsibility to equip their teams. Ultimately a culture-focused on innovation allows personnel equal chances of improvement; thus forming a connected workplace with boundless possibilities.

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Different Internal Stakeholders And Business Organizations

employee collaboration

Collaboration is an essential part of any successful business; it drives progress, builds morale, and promotes inclusivity. Human Resources technology solutions which provide insights into employee data offer organizations the ability to customize recruitment, training and retention plans that make team members feel respected and motivated. Furthermore, integrated tools help focus employees on what they find most meaningful by cutting out the excess while still addressing everyone's needs – local or global! By thinking carefully about how applications + systems influence people around the world (and not just in one area), businesses can create a link between stakeholders for increased engagement and eventually foster a culture geared towards innovation. In short: collaboration is key for truly connecting people to their goals!

Case Study: Portview's Award-Winning Internal Communications With The Hub

When it comes to creating great digital workplace experiences and improving employee engagement, our customer Portview is right up there. Their utilization of their Hub saw Portview win the prestigious CIPR Award for Best Internal Comms Campaign, where their Hub was recognised in helping them break down silos with its real-time content sharing capabilities, transforming Portview into a mobile-responsive, digital workplace. Not only that their Hub helped them deliver great employee experiences, customizing the platform and its content for each of Portview’s team member's needs; all this effort has paid off in spades, with 95% agreeing the Hub improved their internal comms, and a 52% increase in employee engagement.

Portview goes out of their way to understand employees on a deeper level, collecting employee feedback via surveys and monitoring performance metrics in order to pinpoint disconnects or find areas where people may need more support. This has allowed them to devise tailored strategies and customize their Hub accordingly — ultimately leading to integrated cross-departmental teams working together towards shared goals while still maintaining connections throughout. There's no doubt Portview provides a truly valuable workplace experience!

Boosting Thoughtful Engagement With HR Tech

Just imagine the potential HR tech has when it comes to fostering meaningful engagement within our employee network. We can transform communication and collaboration between teams with custom notifications, surveys driven by automation, and data-based reports that yield actionable opportunities for growth.

At its core, leveraging HR tech is about harnessing the power to really ‘hear’ our people on an individual level; by doing so we can create tailored strategies for each unique situation – fostering lasting connections between colleagues at every stage along the way. It may be small actions that make a big difference in building better experiences within organizations, but it means everything when it comes to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and understood!

Integration Impacts The Workplace Experience

integrated digital workplace solution

Cloud based collaboration technologies like the Hub are revolutionizing the digital workplace experience through HR tech integration, allowing companies of all sizes to unlock greater value and efficiencies. Whether its hooking up your HR system for automated onboarding of employees, to surfacing Power BI dashboards or Slack channel communities, these technology integrations put powerful data insights and capabilities at your disposal. With a better connected digital workplace, that becomes a one-stop-shop of your people and tech, your teams can be empowered to be more productive and make better decisions, ultimately resulting in improved engagement and return on investment (ROI).

Thanks to smart communications and engagement features like Polls, Surveys and Forms, everyone feels included and heard regardless of how sizable or small an organization may be. It’s a win-win situation that shows just how profoundly HR tech like The Hub can shape the workplace experience; let’s take a closer look into what it can do!

Unlocking ROI With The Hub: A Cost-Effective Solution With Tangible Business Gains

The Hub provides businesses with powerful real-time insights and technology to help them stay connected and communicate effectively in this digital age. SME Staffing and recruitment company, Academics, took full advantage of their Hub's features – such as project management tools, HR integrations, and digital forms with smart workflows – to bring their dispersed teams together more efficiently. These investments initiated data-driven decision-making resulting in improved ROI almost immediately. Being an attractive option for organizations aiming to improve remote collaboration and communication strategies puts The Hub at the forefront of this effort.

academics logo

Academics' Business Support Specialist, Louise Goodchild remarked:

The Hub's intranet system has so many possibilities to make everyone's working life and day to day procedures easier and all in one place.
The Hub has created an intranet that isn't just for policies, procedures and day to day work admin but also a place that all our offices can come together into one community and keep in touch. It's a great experience with lots of opportunities.

Wrapping up

hr digital workplace solution

Organizations that invest in high-performance tools are sending a powerful message: they value their employees and want them to be successful. This can have an invaluable effect on employee morale, boost performance, and foster collaboration among different teams – integral components of today's digital world. By investing in these technologies, employers demonstrate their commitment to the workforce, which is key for sustaining engagement and productivity levels.

Modern technology has the incredible power to unlock innovation, boost productivity and create a supportive environment that puts people first. Through HR tech we can bridge departments and workers, forming meaningful connections in an effective and cost-efficient way—a prime example being Portview's award-winning use of The Hub.

There's no doubt that this technology can truly bring life to companies and enable employees to reach their full potential.


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