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Three Powerful Ways Intranets Are Useful For HR Management

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Your employees are one of, if not the most powerful asset within your organisation, and they prove to be even more powerful when those employees are actively engaged with your company’s message and inspired to achieve the common goals of your business.

Traditionally, intranets were regarded as the responsibility of the IT or Marketing departments, but more recently HR departments have started playing a key role in ensuring the success of a company’s intranet, helping to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and empowering employee wellbeing. Intranets can be extremely useful when it comes to facilitating better communication and collaboration amongst employees. Your company intranet is a tool that can have a hugely positive influence on your employees, as well as helping you to complete HR tasks more effectively, such as staff inductions, communicating policies and procedures, increasing employee retention, and surveying employee satisfaction.

There are many different ways companies can embrace intranet software, all of which can help save valuable time within your HR department.

Here are the three most powerful ways an intranet can transform your HR processes, helping you to utilize resources more effectively and improve employee productivity:

1. Improve System Efficiency Technology will always play a critical role within every business strategy, and a company intranet can act as a valuable addition to compliment your current business processes and systems. On the most basic level, intranets can be used as a central platform for sharing company information and documentation, keeping employees informed while also assisting HR in distributing and collecting employee data via forms - such as payroll details, holiday requests, new starter packs etc.

Although the best HR intranets might not completely replace existing specialist HR systems, it can provide you with a means to make those systems more efficient. With many businesses utilizing numerous different systems scattered across the company’s network, having an intranet can actually provide HR departments with an extremely useful digital workplace. By utilizing an intranet system, you benefit from a more centralized workspace where all your systems can be integrated and accessed securely – all from one platform. This makes using those different HR systems much easier and more time-efficient.

2. Manage Employee Performance & Encourage Development Employee development is key to the success of every organization and shouldn’t be limited to just individual achievements. Ensuring that your employees are happy within their roles is one of the top priorities for HR managers, and their development should form part of your management’s initiatives to help ensure employee retention. Your HR intranet provides you with a valuable insight into your employees, giving you greater visibility on the efforts and contributions made by each individual within your company.

Discussion forums or staff surveys and polls can provide your HR personnel with real time insights about the wellbeing of your employees, allowing you to make more effective improvements to ensure employee satisfaction.

Your company's HR intranet provides you with a valuable tool that allows teams to track and manage the performance of your employees more effectively – including KPIs, track workloads and progression charts, individual feedback and surveys etc. By having a secure digital workplace where employees can fill and submit information via their intranet, it takes some of the stress out of their daily tasks – making for a happier workforce.

3. Make Your HR Processes More Effective Integrate your everyday HR processes into your company intranet, and discover an increase in data capture and an improvement in the effectiveness of your HR processes. By moving your HR resources over to a digital workplace, it helps improve the employee experience by making everything more accessible, as well as cutting down the time spent on managing these routine administrative tasks, thus allowing your HR personnel to focus on other vital HR objectives critical to the business.

The huge number of assets that every organization possesses can pose a great challenge for your employees on the ground, having to search for the information they need across multiple internal servers or individual desktops – which is both time-consuming and cumbersome. By removing those pesky Excel surveys and paper forms and centralising all of your data capture and resources within your HR intranet software, you not only make it more efficient for your HR personnel to process the information and track its completion, but you also make your resources more accessible to employees company-wide. This newly accessible HR department with its more efficient online forms, helps your employees to find the information they need more easily and complete tasks you assign them more effectively, meaning you will see a marked increase in intranet engagement.

Take your HR processes to the next level with sophisticated reporting that allows you to track who has/hasn’t read your policies and procedures, plus track form completions, send out reminders and discover who is/isn’t engaged. With more intelligent reporting at your disposal, your HR department can be much more effective. Plus, with more intelligent tools like anonymous forms, your intranet provides your HR personnel with the tools to help your employees have a more honest voice, allowing you to be more effective when needed.

Intranets have evolved to be powerful enterprise systems that offer core features and functionality that can easily assist HR personnel and company employees alike to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently. Every organization needs to consider integrating an intranet into their HR strategy to achieve the full value of employee retention, help with intranet engagement and increased productivity.


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