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The HR Dept switch from Sharepoint to The Hub

As the UK's largest network of Human Resource professionals, The HR Dept needed an intranet portal for their franchise to work more consistently and collaboratively, and in The Hub they found the perfect solution.

We're pleased to welcome The HR Dept, and their partner franchise H&S Dept, as new Hub customers after deciding that their existing MS Sharepoint was creating more problems than solutions.

The Hub now provides them with multiple intranet environments within their single Hub license, allowing them to create completely bespoke communities for each of their franchises, each with unique branding, content, users. Rather than just being a document repository, The Hub will help to transform their internal communications across their 80+ franchise locations, and the wealth of interactive Hub features will be utilised to help promote and monitor employee wellbeing, and drive collaboration between franchisees with chat forums.

Stephanie Forde, Marketing & Events Manager at The HR Dept, said:

I really love the platform and how adaptable it is, especially the versatility of the pages. The ability to have a pre-made product that we can tailor to exactly how we want it to be makes The Hub an essential system.
Documents and information is 100% easier to find using The Hub.

With over 5,500 views on the first day of launch, The HR Dept's Hub has been extremely well-received by both HR and H&E franchises, and we look forward to their continued success.


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