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HUB Revamped: A Bold New Look and Purpose

We're thrilled to introduce our new HUB identity, with a bold new look and mission purpose that's turning heads in the intranet marketplace.

Over the past 10 years, HUB has seen major success and grown into one of the world's leading intranet providers, with tech review platform G2 ranking HUB Top 3 in the UK, Top 5 in Europe and Top 10 for SMEs worldwide.

We're on a mission to help companies champion an easier, smarter way of working, empowering teams to work better together, create a more connected company culture, and provide everyone with easy access to the tools and tech they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Says HUB Co-Founder Simon Fenn,

“This is a watershed moment for HUB and the business community more widely. In a world of proliferating digital tools and post-COVID hybrid working, more than ever enterprises and teams need a clear cultural and operational home online - a place of certainty and orientation.”
“HUB intranet technology is that digital centrepoint, and we’re on a mission to make it easier and quicker for business to access and realise its benefits to build more connected cultures and smarter ways of working.”

Say Hello to The Power of Together

We believe that when everyone is one the same page, rooting for the same goals, anything is possible, and success is far more likely.

Our new initiative, The Power of Together, helps teams and businesses go further, by providing a central space for your resources, technology and people to come together, and start unlocking the full potential of a smarter way of working.

But The Power of Together is more than just providing you a platform that connects your teams and tech, it's a philosophy we live and work by.

Says Fenn,

“Unlocking The Power of Together for business globally is our mission at HUB and I’m delighted to say that we’re already well progressed with that goal, with HUB now used in more than 50 countries.”
“Many thousands of users in large and small enterprises are realising the benefits of better internal communications, collaboration and efficient working, all made possible by HUB’s modern intranet technology.”
“When you choose HUB, you're choosing a true partner and tapping into two decades of expertise in employee engagement.”

An Intranet with a Green Agenda

The Power of Together focuses on what we can achieve when we all work together, and we want to use that power to make a real difference.

We're proud to state HUB is the first intranet provider setting out a green agenda. Our 'Greener Intranet' initiative aims to tackle climate change one intranet at a time, partnering with reforestation charity One Tree Planted to help us build a more sustainable future.

HUB is the first and only sustainability driven intranet vendor, utilising low-carbon servers that harness the power of wind farms, and supporting community-based reforestation projects. We plant 50 trees every time a new client joins HUB, and an additional tree every year they remain with us, to support a greener future. We aim to become the first carbon-neutral intranet provider in the world.

intranet that plants trees

low carbon intranet

sustainable intranet

We plant 50 trees for every new HUB

A low-carbon solution

Supporting world communities

Trees are planted in partnership with reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, focusing on supporting marginalized communities directly impacted by climate-change. We want to make a lasting positive social impact, and our customers can help us make a real difference in this work. By supporting community-based reforestation projects, we can help to:

  • Empower female farmers.

  • Preserve local tradition and culture.

  • Create new job opportunities and economic stability.

  • Increase incomes for marginalized communities.

Proud to Be a Company With Purpose

We're on a journey to do more, and help others achieve more.

A HUB, our mission has always been to help companies to maximise their potential, and it makes us proud to know we've done that job well - achieving multiple industry awards for our customer support. As a Momentum Leader in the Employee Intranet marketplace, HUB's new look and purpose will take us a step further, helping us to raise the bar when it comes to what people can expect from an intranet provider.

Head of Marketing, Clare Willson says:

"The whole team has always gone above and beyond for each one of our customers, large or small. To know that we're now going to be doing even more to support the companies we work with, as well as supporting environmental causes, makes me incredibly proud to work for a company that truly wants to make a difference."


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