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Industry Report Shows HUB Ranks Top 2 Intranet for SMEs in UK

HUB makes gains in the latest intranet reports from tech-review site G2, with HUB moving up the rankings to be recognised as a Top 2 Employee Intranet for Mid-Market organisations in the UK.

HUB ranked top 2 UK intranet for SME

G2 is the world's leading tech marketplace that uses peer-reviews and satisfaction ratings from real customers, to get a true understand of how good (or bad) a software really is, ranking everything from ease of use and feature-set, to quality of support, cost-effectiveness and ROI.

HUB Stands Out as a Top Intranet Solution

Across 72 intranet providers, HUB is now recognised as the Top 2 Employee Intranet for Mid-Market SMEs in the UK, thanks to the glowing satisfaction ratings our software and service received from customers. 95% rated HUB 4-5 stars, with 97% agreeing that HUB's development path is heading in the right direction, thanks to their HUB's functionality continuously evolving to meet their needs.

Retaining Momentum

As well as being ranked a Top 2 UK Intranet, HUB also maintains its reputation as a Momentum Leader in Employee Intranets, sitting in the top 25% of trending solutions globally. Over the past 5 years, HUB has made moves to position itself as a leading provider of employee intranets, and as the HUB grows into wider global markets, the team here at HUB are pleased to see those gains recognised, with G2 ranking HUB as a High Performer in the European and EMEA intranet marketplaces, ranking 7th and 5th in those regions respectively.

hub intranet leader in europe and emea

Happy Customers Make a Difference

Our customers are our most valuable asset, and it's their feedback that drives the development pipeline of our software. We listen to every customer's needs and always do our utmost to deliver - whether its a suggestion for a feature enhancement, a requirement for new functionality or new integration, we're forever adapting and improving the HUB to deliver the most feature-rich, cost-effective intranet solution on the market today. It makes us happy to make our customers happy, which is why we're thrilled they have rated our intranet so highly compared to customers using other intranet solutions.

Across the 72 providers, G2 highlights HUB as a Top 10 Intranet Provider when it comes to their 'Relationship Index', with a 96% customer satisfaction rating. This Relationship report measures a businesses effectiveness in building the best relationships with their customers, including ease of doing business with, quality of support, and a customer's likelihood to recommend.

We're super proud that 91% of customers said they would highly recommend HUB, with our quality of support ranked at 98%.

Head of Marketing, Clare Willson, said:

Customer service should never be taken for granted. We know many providers tier their support packages, and sometimes that can hit those smaller SMEs who need that support the most. Here at HUB, we pride ourselves on the high quality of service and support we deliver to ALL of our customers. We believe every customer is valuable, whatever their size, and everyone should be given the same level of care and attention, and can speak to real people, not chatbots.
We're incredibly proud to be recognised as a leading intranet provider for SMEs in the UK, and looking forward to building new relationships with other mid-market companies, both here in the UK and around the globe.

HUB Customer Reviews:

None of this would be possible without reviews from our amazing customers, so we wanted to share some of the wonderful feedback we've received.


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