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Great Pre-Launch Video from Hub customer, SBTC

- Wondering how to get your company excited about your new intranet?

- Want to make sure teams know what your intranet does and how to use it?

Simple - make a catchy introduction video of course!

Hub customer SBTC (Southern Baptists of Texas Convention) decided to launch their new intranet portal in style with a great video to give their teams the low-down of The Hub:

With over 2,700 churches across the USA, SBTC needed an easy to use intranet portal that could easily connect their teams, not just to the necessary documents and resources that they need to do their daily jobs, but to also connect individuals as people to create a social environment where employees could chat, give kudos and have genuine two-way communications.

They found all this, and more, with The Hub.

Within the first day of launching, the SBTC Hub had over 4,000 views, with a 99% log-in rate!. It really goes to show that if you put the effort in when you do your initial internal marketing of your new intranet, your launch can be a resounding success!


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