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Connection Support join The Hub's family

We're delighted to welcome Connection Support to the growing number of not-for-profit organisations using The Hub as their go-to intranet portal.

Connection Support provides a breadth of specialist support to a wide range of people facing complex life challenges, including homelessness,isolation, disability, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse. They provide these individuals the support and resources to start building a better life, helping to empower them to achieve independence, confidence and build the skills to overcome life's challenges.

With teams spread across the UK and rapidly growing, with over 200+ employees and 300+ volunteers, Connection Support were in desperate need of a fast, easy-to-use intranet solution that would enable them to centralise their resources and Office 365 documentation, while also empowering a sense of community and collaboration between teams... to put it simply, Connection Support needed support connecting.

Thankfully, they came to the right intranet provider! With The Hub, we were able to get their team set-up with a working intranet within 24 hours of their first demo... and they were so impressed that they bought their Hub within less than a week of enquiring, and are now seeing fantastic engagement returns.

With limited internal technical resources available, I was very impressed with how easy the Hub was to setup and use. From our initial conversation, we very quickly had a working copy available to demonstrate to key stakeholders in our Management Team; such a timely response was pivotal in enduring the Organisation's engagement with the process.

Says Rob Williams, Business Systems Manager at Connection Support.

Rob continued:

The Hub has allowed us to reduce the "noise" created by an ever-increasing number of emails and communications by focusing how and to who we communicate updates or ideas.
The creation of one central point for information and communications has also led to an increase in engagement with internal training and developments.
Most importantly, its provided easy access to information for frontline Staff. In one example, a member of Staff used the HUB to access information that previously was not readily available, the end result being that the Client was able to secure permanent accommodation, the essence of what our Organisation is here to do.


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