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Renewable Energy Provider, Parkwind, Give The Hub the Greenlight

With employees spread across both the Republic of Ireland and Belgium, Parkwind needed a solution that could connect their teams and empower them to deliver their green message, and The Hub was their chosen solution.

Parkwind are an EU-based green energy provider who develop and manage offshore wind famrs in the North Sea, helping businesses and countries across Europe and beyond to switch to cleaner, greener energy solutions.

When it came to connecting their international teams, it wasn't just about providing a dry intranet solution that allowed them to access and share documentation. Parkwind wanted a social intranet that would encourage two-way communications and a sense of community between their teams, helping employees feel connected with each other and the business as a whole.

Vedran Horvat, Head of Marketing & Communications at Parkwind, said:

The Hub Intranet is the creation of a virtual public square for employees. It's easy to set up, easy to maintain, and has lots of features that can grow with your company.
The Hub has helped us to create one central point for all company news, policies, events and employee directory. We created an easy, intuitive way for people to keep up to date with that's happening, and easy access to crucial resources. In a time when the office is virtual, this had a huge impact.

From sharing kudos and fundraising initiatives, through to tracking live wind speed and energy produced from across their wind farms, Parkwind's Hub provides them with an interactive intranet environment that really does create a sense of community.

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