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Law firm Lester Aldridge choose The Hub

With offices in London, Bournemouth and Southampton, fast-growing law firm Lester Aldridge needed a modern social intranet to replace their clucky legacy intranet, and The Hub delivered.

As a multi-site organisation, Lester Aldridge advise businesses both a national and international scale, providing top quality full service legal advice across the real estate, banking, corporate, commercial and private sectors.

As a proud legal organisation, they wanted an intranet their employees could be proud of, but their current intranet was described as "archaic" and failed to offer them the collaboration and communication tools they needed ... oh dear!

After an initial demo, Lester Aldridge were very quick to whittle down a shortlist of two: The Hub and Jostle. Thankfully, not only did The Hub shine brightest, but our expert team of consultations spent numerous free consultancy sessions liaising with the Lester Aldridge team during their decision making process, answering their questions and creating a bespoke branded Hub Trial for their team to get hands-on with, allowing them to get a true feel for how The Hub worked and could be adapted to meet their needs.

Lester Aldridge ultimately chose The Hub not just because of our feature-set, but because of the personalised service they received throughout the entire demo and onboarding process, and beyond...

Lesley Fereti, Head of Marketing, had some wonderful feedback:

"Great customer service for a great product. The Hub was quick and easy to use, meaning that our new intranet was up and running within a very short time period. The customer service is exceptional with very quick response times.
It's a huge step forward for us in terms of our internal communications. We are now able to interact in real-time on a shared platform that can be accessed in multiple ways."


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